A Risk Adjusted Approach to Multifamily Real Estate​

Premier Florida-Based Boutique Real Estate Firm ​

RA Cap Partners is a real estate investment company dedicated to acquiring new construction and core-plus multifamily communities across the Southeast United States. We partner with institutions, family offices, and ultra-high net-worth investors to identify superior risk-adjusted opportunities across all economic cycles. Through material co-investment and an unwavering commitment to our principled investment strategy, we identify and take advantage of dislocations within the market to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to our investor partners.

Core Focus

We specialize in acquiring Class A and Core-Plus stabilized multifamily assets, as well as newly built projects in their final stages of lease-up. We seek to identify properties that have a defensible basis relative to the market and replacement cost, and a pathway to create and capture value through the realization of embedded NOI growth and capital appreciation. ​

Our Team

Meet the founders of RA Cap Partners, Adam Ashbrook and Sam Linsky. Their multifamily expertise, coupled with decades of real estate investing, are the cornerstones of our success. For an in-depth look at their career experience and track record, visit our Team page.

Our Properties

Step into the assets of RA Cap Partners through our Portfolio page, where we showcase the character and details of our high-quality, risk-adjusted properties. Navigate through the images and information that define each community. Your exploration begins here; come see what sets our properties apart.

Let’s Connect!

Whether you have inquiries about our firm or want to discuss your project, please reach out via email to begin the conversation.